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Pikselin’s core mission is to bring great user experiences to the world of web applications. We grew up on the web and care deeply about how it should look and behave. We believe that the first step to creating great web apps is to recognise that so-called “average users” have a greater appreciation for design than they are normally given credit for. The world of online services and transactional websites is now measured against customer expectations set by near continuous use of smartphones and tablets.

We believe that web apps can and should engender the same type of satisfaction and loyalty that many people feel towards their favourite phone apps and gadgets. To achieve this, we make sure that our work is informed by the full spectrum of personal technology. We actively study the latest trends in interface design, user research, online marketing and front-end programming. The result is a team of designers and developers capable of creating user experiences that stand among the best in the world.

Ministry of Education Early Learning System

The Early Learning Information system is a user friendly web app designed to collect enrolment and attendance data from small businesses operating in the early childhood education sector. ELI is an easy to use portal that helps small or technology poor child-care services to comply with newly instituted compulsory reporting requirements from the Ministry without incurring the expense and overhead of subscribing to a large scale Student Management System. The interface was designed and tested to provide novice users with confidence while they learn the system, and to ensure continued accuracy as their experience grows.

FarmIQ Farm Management System

FarmIQ is a first of its kind farm management system designed and built to meet the complex needs of New Zealand’s dry stock and red meat industries. The system provides farmers in the primary sector with a suite of data capture, data visualisation and data analysis tools specifically tailored to their requirements. At the very heart of the FarmIQ web application is a GPS accurate map of the customer’s farm. This fully interactive map helps the customer to manage their business by displaying a wide variety of data, including the current location of their animals, cropping and pasture details and important compliance related information, such as the location of Department of Conservation and QEII covenanted areas. Common tasks, such as moving animals and recording pasture growth, are easily accessible by clicking on a paddock.

Ministry of Education Progress and Consistency Tool Prototype

The Progress and Consistency Tool (PaCT) Prototype was created as a proof of concept for the Ministry of Education. PaCT is an online service that enables primary school teachers to record and measure student progress against the National Standards for reading, writing and maths. Our live-data, HTML5-based prototype allowed the Ministry to demonstrate critical features of the tool to stakeholders (including key government ministers) while the project’s business’ case was being developed. Our goal for the application’s experience design was to bring a friendly, playful and easy to use face to a politically charged process.

NZ Council for Educational Research Prototype

The New Zealand Council for Educational Research asked our design team to help them solve a complex problem: what does the future of standardised testing look like in the age of the smartphone? After conducting a range of interviews, workshops and observational sessions with students, we set out to create a prototype for a new online testing platform that could replace current paper-based tests. The result was a proof of concept web application that was used to demonstrate and evaluate the mechanics of content delivery and on screen interactions. The interface that we created allows students to maximise reading areas, change font-styles and background-colours, create simple on screen notes and actively manage their progress and time.

Spidertracks Aviator

Spidertracks is a New Zealand based company specialising in building GPS safety devices for civil and light aircraft. Aviator is the online logbook and companion web app for the company’s family of hardware tracking gadgets, affectionately known as Spiders. Flight information from a customer’s Spider is automatically uploaded and logged in the Aviator cloud, making it easy for pilots to keep accurate track of their flight history and their aircraft’s maintenance schedule. Meanwhile, the application’s Clubroom social features encourage users to follow and share their flights and photos with other Spidertracks enthusiasts.

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