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The Farm IQ Farm Management System

FarmIQ is a first of its kind farm management system designed and built to meet the complex needs of New Zealand’s dry stock and red meat industries. The system provides farmers with a suite of data capture, data visualisation and data analysis tools specifically tailored to their needs. Pikselin has been a principal development partner with FarmIQ for over three years. Our role has been to create and maintain a unified user experience across a system with literally hundreds of unique screens and interfaces. From the outset, our design team has worked side-by-side with the project’s BAs, SMEs and development teams to ensure that the system remains friendly and easy to use.

Working in close collaboration with Fronde and the geo-spatial experts at e-Spacial, Pikselin has been focussed on bringing this complex product to life. This sophisticated web application combines powerful mapping tools with the latest advances in HTML to help farmers to track virtually every aspect of their farm.

What we’ve done (so far): Interface design, app design for iOS and Android, visual design, user research, persona development, user experience testing, charting and data visualisations, and client-side HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript code.

At the very heart of the FarmIQ web application is a GPS accurate map of the customer’s farm. This fully interactive map helps the customer to manage their business by displaying a wide variety of data, including the current location of their animals, cropping and pasture details and important compliance related information, such as the location of Department of Conservation and QEII covenanted areas.

Common tasks, such as moving animals and recording pasture growth, are easily accessible by clicking on a paddock. The map also includes a toolbox of editing functions that enables the customer to indicate the location of physical features, such as fixed structures, as well as perform complex geo-spatial actions including merging and sub-dividing paddocks.

The real value of FarmIQ can be found in its rich reporting functionality. We helped to design and create over 20 different types of reports that are capable of analysing nearly every aspect of the customer’s business: performance reporting gives the farmer the ability to track the weight gain of their mobs (or even an individual animal); reproduction reporting allows them to track an animal back to its sire and dam; while stock reconciliation provides an accurate view of the farm’s stock numbers at any given time.

Every event and transaction created in FarmIQ is captured and displayed in the application’s Farm Diary. The diary is a continuously updated record that makes it easy for users to manage and audit all of the events that take place on their farm. The system also features a task manager that provides users with the ability to create and track on farm tasks. Tasks can even be assigned to specific users who are notified via the FarmIQ mobile app.

The FarmIQ mobile app is the iOS and Android-based companion to the FarmIQ web app. FarmIQ mobile allows the farmer to easily complete common tasks (such as recording mob moves or animal health treatments) when they’re away from their computer. The app and its interface were specifically designed to address the challenges of working on a New Zealand farm. Activities recorded when the user is out of network range silently upload when they return to coverage.

The Farm Dashboard gives customers a quick overview of their farm’s current position. A series of customisable widgets allow the farmer to track key on-farm metrics such as animal performance, recent sales and purchases, pasture growth and local rainfall. The Dashboard also serves as the software’s messaging hub. It allows FarmIQ to push out a wide variety of communications and messages to their customers, including notifications about system training, maintenance and updates.

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